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Vean Virtual

Vean Virtual

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  • Frontpage
  • Custom 360°  Background
  • Interactable 3D model
  • Music Across Tabs
  • Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Fully Immersive Experience
  • Custom 3D Model Effects
  • Custom GIF / Image Backgrounds
  • Hover glow
  • Dark Overlay
  • Custom Cart Drawer
  • Social Icons
  • 100+ Available Fonts
  • Email Signup On Home and Password Page
  • Custom Countdown
  • Waitlist Feature
  • And So Much More


Give your clothing brand the ultimate advantage with Vean Virtual – the most immersive Shopify theme that's designed to maximize your conversion rates and take your sales to new heights. A large majority of themes in the Shopify store are not made for startup clothing brands or merch brands. Vean Virtual is fully customizable and includes features to impress first time visitors like a custom 360° background, a custom interactable 3D model, and much more. This version of Vean Virtual is good for both beginners and those that are more experienced with Shopify stores. All sales are final.

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